Parrot Zik app

Interface, Service
Paris, France
The Parrot Zik application was designed to support the new generation of the Parrot Bluetooth headphone. The app allows for an easy control of the headphone effects.
Nodesign has devised innovative interactions to easily control noise reduction, to enjoy ultra-fast sound equalization (Donut Equalizer), and to add a new spatialization to sound. Beside these quick settings, the user can also enable an advanced mode (Producer Mode) to use professional controls, such as a true parametric equalizer.  This mode allows you to create personal presets that can also be shared with other users. This also gives artists the opportunity to create "tuned" presets on their music (Tuned by), so that all owners of a Parrot Zik 2.0 can enjoy their tracks just like the artists imagined them in the recording studio.
For Nodesign, this project was particularly interesting because it allowed us to illustrate the concept of symmetry between the design of a connected object and that of the application that powers it. This provides the relationship with usage, functionality, and customization of the object. The strong trust-based relationship with Parrot has allowed us to offer new unprecedented features and situations of usages. All this in order to create a unique user experience, matching the quality of the product. 

Object-interface symmetry

Parrot Audio Suite, the application used previously to set up the headset, did not have the same processing level and the same finesse as the object designed by Philippe Starck. Parrot asked Nodesign to elaborate an interface that perfectly matches the object and that embodies both its technical features and its style. 

The interface as an extension of the object

To ensure symmetry between the object and the interface, Nodesign proposed to associate a theme with each model of the headset, available in addition to 6 different colors. The application automatically changes color to the model connected to the phone.

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