Nodesign is an award-winning design studio founded by Jean-Louis Frechin and focused on innovation and technological creation. Pioneer of Digital design, Nodesign is a recognized expert in new products: Connected Objects, Services, Beautiful Interfaces, Digital Fabrication, Data, Urban Design.

Design with vision

« Release Beauty and Good out of Necessity and Complexity »

NoDesign has been applying the innovative and sensitive design approach to objects, services, innovative urban spaces, and research projects with companies, startups, local authorities, but also Museums and Laboratories, for more than 15 years. We also design exhibitions as museum experts and curators. Our way of thinking and acting is based on "vision", "project" and "prototyping as a design tool". We also advise on innovation strategies through design, we wconduct conferences, publish texts on design and innovation. 

What we do

« Creating, designing, producing new objects »

Strategic Design
Innovation is an imperative that involves organizational challenges, the dynamics of creation and the outcome of ideas. Innovation through design allows integrating "non-technological" factors into the strategies of technological innovations.
Design Strategy
Design Strategy, Range Strategy or Product Strategies, strategic design thinks of creation beyond the simple product. This is the foundation to create and manage the policy of the product range, brand or product design, services, and experiences. It defines the challenges, the spirit and the ground for value creation.
Digital Design
Digital design is the design of the new era unveiled by information and communication technologies. Through its systemic and humanist approach, it aims at developing relevant, fair, and relational systems, objects and services close to users' desires.
Product Design
NoDesign (New Design Objects) has been designing industrial and craft objects and connected objects, both hardware and software, since 2004. The design is the essential link to embody the provision and the use of these service objects. Our achievements combine the elegance of a beautiful object and the comfort of a good interaction, in a balanced package.
Exhibition design
Knowledge, museography, and scenography are today shattered by new territorial, cultural, social and economic challenges, but also by the digital revolution, singularity of the 21st century. NoDesign designs and/or organizes exhibitions related to innovation, business, heritage and culture in a broad sense. 

Design Doing
The Design Doing and "To Do" methods that rebalance our abstract education based on knowledge, transcend between, through and beyond skills, knowledge, disciplines, and subjects. The prototype as a design tool is an approach that teaches us to look at the reality of things and to propose new experiences and products.

Our Approach

«Innovative Design is rather an agent of change than an agent of its support. »

To implement these projects, we have a transdisciplinary approach and a multicultural vision (artistic, scientific and economic) that we reproduce and embody in practical products, services, models, and prototypes. We also have a culture of steering and monitoring complex multi-partner projects. 
We love working with and helping Startups, for which we offer a singular and complete approach. We base our range of expression on an ability to understand the challenges of the time, to "synthesize" and create situations of contributory, reflective and caring minds "for and with" organizations, society, and people. This allows us to understand the innovation processes through design and complex issues in a sensitive, creative, contemporary and holistic way.

Business sectors

NoDesign has both the possibility and the capacity to intervene in many business sectors. Our approach allows us to "learn to become specialists in the sectors we approach". These cross-experiments enrich our multisectoral approaches and knowledge. Luxury, Education, Health, Transportation (aeronautics, railway, automobile), Agriculture, Energy, Decoration, Culture, Leisure (audiovisual).

Le Collectif

Un collectif soudé aux compétences étendues.

Jean-Louis Frechin
Creative Director
Janique Favrel
Creative Director
Uros Petrevski
Creative Director
Loïc Le Guen
Creative Director
Angelo Chiacchio
Creative Director
Jordi Vuong
Creative Director
Laurent François
Creative Director

Key moments

Foundation of NoDesign
Strategic Collaboration with Renault
"J’ai dans la tête" site Télérama
Connected Objects Exhibition DDay Beaubourg
Connected objects project for Orange
Carte Blanche Via 
Curators of the Digital Objects exhibition, design of a New Industrial World 
Guest at "Talk to Me" exhibition at the Moma in New York 
Curator of Futur en Seine (2012-2013-2014)
Design of WeIO
Best of Innovation CES Parrot RnB6 
Connected Cycle - Smart Pedal Design Observer 
Exhibition "ElectroSound"
Etoile de l'Observeur du design with Coloop
Book "Le design des choses à l'heure du numérique" by Jean-Louis Frechin:
Exhibition "Designers du design"
Lille Métropole 2020 Capitale mondiale du design
iF Design Award 2022 with Olythe OCIGO
Exhbition "Bicyclette(s): faire des vélos"

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