Digital Design

« Eliminating the boundaries between new objects, services and situations »

Digital design is the design of the new era unveiled by information and communication technologies. Through its systemic and humanist approach, it aims at developing relevant, fair, and relational systems, objects and services close to users' desires. 

Transforming technologies into desirable products or services

« To bridge the gap between technology and usages »

NoDesign specializes in the study of innovative projects in the field of information and communication technologies. We support our clients and partners in transforming an original idea or technology into products or concrete and simple services. The studio is used to working on new unstable state-of-the-art projects. For this purpose, it designs the product's positioning and its tangible reality vertically: why does it exist? What is it used for? How does it work? How should it be used? How is it made? To do this, NoDesign creates the "Look, Feel & Use" of the product: what it does, what you see, what you feel and how you use it and how it is made. Digital design aggregates new situations, creating relationships (interactions) and representations (forms) of new projects.

Design and create digital services and products

Inspiration - Situation of use - Positioning - Conception  
Born from an expertise doubled by products and services, NoDesign's work illustrates the major challenges of digital transformation: defining and designing digital product and service provision as well as building unique relational experiences. To achieve this, the agency highlights the possible practices and uses, creates simplicity, eagerness, designs tailored and artistic forms.

Staging interaction, usage, and user experience

Relationship - Interaction - Experience
NoDesign conceives the relationship of pleasure, eagerness, use, reflexivity and perception between the user, the object, and the service. Digital products are in permanent dialogue with the final recipients of projects.

Embodying and producing forms

Perception - Representation - Formalization - Prototyping 
Perception - Representation - Formalization - Prototyping The digital data need some embodiment. We create product forms, representations, and identity: interface, signs, forms. Our design understands the times and is expressed equally in products, services or new situations. We prototype products, electronics, interfaces to accelerate design processes before the industrialization stages.

Interface Design
Information design
Interactive product design

Design Commando

The Design Commando approach allows us to jointly develop UX and UI to efficiently and quickly discuss what we see, what we understand and the functions.

Inspiration - Knowledge - Agility - Conversation

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