"Talking object"
The Dependometer measures your dependence on the era of "digital services". You can access your data from anywhere, from any PC, smartphone or tablet, whenever you want it, at your convenience offered by the times. You are traveling far and have lost your computer? This is no longer a problem because your personal and business information and tools are safe in a cloud-based place. Sharing your information with friends, colleagues, strangers has also become a means of communication. It is comfortable and convenient to have access to all the photos on iCloud, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, to find our mails on Gmail and Yahoo, our documents on Google Docs, our life on Facebook. Certainly, but have we not become too dependent on this convenience? Since our life have become a digitized service, does this convenience set us free us or restrain us? What happened to our freedom? What have our tools that define us as 'humans' become? Does usage have to confront the self-disposession?

What happened to our privacy? What will be the future of our data in 10, 20, 30 years? What about the right to oblivion? Is it dangerous to be involved with companies that use our data to better target us? What is seen is understood, what is understood is managed in good conscience.
Dependometer is a thermometer of our level of dependence on these services.

Made for Demain c’est Aujourd’hui at the International Design Biennale
Saint-Etienne 2013
Biennale internationale Design Saint-Etienne 
Product, Interface, Service

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