Connected shelf
WaSnake is a shelf with a topology that can be configured to match one's space and inspiration. It is also a luminous digital object and a "soft" broadcasting device, allowing to transmit useful or useless information in the household.
WaSnake allows:
- to broadcast texts addressed to the household;
- to provide presence and communication links between households by light choreography;
- to broadcast custom RSS news feeds;
- to display the household's consumption trends.
In the case of inactivity, the 'digital material' mode steps in and provides self-created light choreographies.
This system is based on two objectives:
- providing a communicating object that delivers a doft, fluid and dynamic experience (digital material) within the household;
- creating a hybrid, multifunctional object, both physical and digital. 
Carte Blanche VIA
Objet, Interface

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