Product design

Towards the Internet of Things

Objects and design were born of the mastery of the productive force more than 100 years ago. Starting from a product culture and an aesthetic and technological approach. We design simple, human and appropriate objects.
From now on, the stories about the networked objects excite the minds with the term "Internet of things". We are thus witnessing the prediction of Mark Weiser, Xerox Park, who imagined, as early as 1988, the disappearance of computers in everyday objects.
As electrification in its time, now everything that is connectable will be connected. The Internet comes out of screens and things are transformed into services. The first uses are focused on sport, health, well-being, home, security, and leisure. These digital objects are neither goods nor services, but "new services incorporating goods", in a system we propose to name "NeoObjet". Being indispensable, the design serves as a link to this heterogeneous assembly and to embody both the offer and the use of these "system objects". They are based on the digital spirit: interactive, service, informational and relational. They combine the elegance of a beautiful object and the comfort of a good interaction, in a balanced package. It cannot be denied that this sector sometimes entails risks to privacy. But the main and less visible danger would be a lack of being demanding and relevant about what we are going to do with it: objects designed to serve people, most importantly, and thus creating value. 

NeoObjects by Nodesign
Since 2004, to assist you in designing and defining your offers, NoDesign (New Design Objects) has designed objects connected to NoDesignLab, its connected object laboratory, and its WeIO card, the first prototyping board programmable in HTML5, as well as its team of designers developers, as much software as hardware.
A wide range of companies like Orange, Orange R&D, La Poste, Parrot, Sculpteo, Gemalto, Parkeon, Ircam and startups like Connected Cycle, IoTouch Technology, Dualo, PuzzleLab, MatchDesigns have trusted NoDesign to define, design and prototype their future products.

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