Design with Vision

Our credo

We are European

Our practice is part of the continuity of the history of design. To support the challenges of technological and digital evolutions, we call on our European culture and its strengths: reason, criticism, humanism.

Design among the people

First and foremost, users are people. Aware of their diversity, we are resolutely “among the people” rather than “user-centric”. We avoid reducing them to “characters”. To understand them we trust anthropology. We observe, exchange with, converse with, and live among them. Our main ambition is to give people the "power to action", which in turn creates successful experiences.

A fair design

Some consider the ease of use offered by design as progress, others see it as a capture tool. We don't like dualisms, because they lock up and limit the potential of a project's ambitions. This is why we practice "fair design" which does not oppose user comfort to the respect for users and the criticism of technologies or over-marketing. All of our projects offer a fair and measured use of technology while respecting privacy, ecological footprint and sustainability. 

Become specialists of each new subject

We firmly believe in the fact that design can deal with all types of subjects. We are constantly trying to break free from routines, labels or dogmas. Our sources of inspiration are extremely broad and differentiated to preserve the quality of our propositions. Our credo is to learn to become experts in the context of each new project. This is indeed our mission.
We believe, the product of a company, the service of an institution, is more than a commodity or a gain in productivity. To be adopted, loved, this product must be more than the sum of the problems it is supposed to solve and has to be based on values, culture, and ambition.

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