The Web of Things for creators
WeIO is an innovative open source and open hardware platform for rapid prototyping and creation of wireless, interactive and connected objects through the use of web languages such as HTML5 or Python. With WeIO, making connected objects becomes as simple as creating websites. Thanks to WeIO, there is no longer any need for programming in Linux, C, cross-compiler or expert hacking. WeIO is committed to ensuring that innovation agents, whatever they are, have more time to focus on development, design, and innovation. With WeIO, it is easier to create objects that detect the environment (sensors) or act on the environment (actuators) remotely and from any device (PC, mobile phone or tablet). In this way, you can check the temperature, detect movements, control light, operate actuators and much more, turning your objects into active, interactive and connected objects. Programming WeIO is simple with HTML5 or Python - a scripting language that is appreciated by designers and programmers. What is more, you can design graphical interfaces rich in HTML5 to interact with your objects. WeIO consists of a development board and WeIO IDE, a web application that allows you to program and control all board inputs and outputs from any web browser. (WeIO IDE is operated locally and does not use any service in the cloud). The WeIO project opens the doors to the creation of new objects. It opens the opportunity for everyone to quickly make objects of connected industrial quality ready for production and the market. WeIO is an electronic production tool designed for new forms of open innovation for the "Makers" community, but also for companies and innovators. 

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