Connected screen door
WaDoor is an object-screen proposal for home and public spaces. It is a door that becomes a screen. This low-tech screen is made of a sheet of electroluminescent paper displaying 640 pixels. This door is connected to a software that allows to "post-produce" the object according to its own use and its environment. This project has a twofold objective. - provide a digital "wallpaper" allowing to display information or environments that can be programmed in large format. - build personal environments with surroundings, patterns, in a kind of reactive and recreative choreography. Project Description WaDoor is a low-resolution screen holder in electroluminescent foil. It is composed of 16*40 'pixel EL' modules. Each EL lamp can be controlled individually, allowing you to draw all kinds of information and patterns. The system is interfaced with a computer and specific software to load information or environments. It is also connected to a gesture interface for direct interactions on the door.
Carte Blanche VIA
Product, Interface

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