Connected photo frame
DIA is a connected photo frame from the Carte Blanche du Via developed with Parrot. "Your photos, only your photos. » Sharing the same love for photography, Henri Seydoux and Jean-Louis Frechin were convinced of the value of the digital photo frame, considering that the object should be considered as a piece of furniture, for which design is essential. "I have my idea of the function of a photo frame and what drives me in what I do is creating high-tech objects. What I'm looking for is designers who have very personal ideas. I am not interested in design to arrange a form, I seek an expression, a little gesture", explains Henri Seydoux, founder and CEO of Parrot. "Today's screens are all the same. We had to find a different type of screen without falling into the  "different just to be different" area. We started manipulating slides, disassembling screens, playing with transparencies and light", he said. "The DIA framework was born from this idea that it is impossible to represent a printed image on a photo frame. Our photo frame is, therefore, close to a slide, with the quality of transparency, light, and format of professional Ektachrome films. »

Part of the National Collection of Contemporary Art and Collection du Centre George Pompudou 
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