The inspiring badge that talks about pollution
Product, Interface, Prototypage
AirO is a wearable device featuring an air quality sensors and an e-ink screen, It combines technology, activism and humor to make the quality of the air we breathe visible in real time, but especially to act on our collective behavior. AirO is a sort of activist and reflexive display, a material sharing of vital informations that raises everyday awareness and opens new possibilities on the education of citizens.

Showing the invisible

Pollution is not always visible. AirO offers to city dwellers to measure their exposure to pollutants and to display it in the eyes of others as a mirror of their own peril. AirO is responsible for measuring and displaying simple and provocative alerts on the level of atmospheric toxicity. The device analyses data from 14 types of outdoor pollutants, 4 indoor parameters, as well as global measures such as electromagnetic waves or wind speed. The information is evaluated in real time, analyzed and shared with the community via a companion app that complements the information with a detailed reporting about the different measured pollution types.

Design reality

This project is part of a design reality approach. AirO is a hardware and software prototype B, designed and developed in-house. It is based on the desire to no longer consider creation as a waved red flag with unreal design-fictions, scenarios, speculations. It is about time to initiate and suggest necessary solutions for actions and new behaviors in order to contribute in improving air quality. AirO is a manifesto project aiming to demonstrate and act for a better quality of our environment. AirO is also an illustration of active design approaches to repair the world.
Every day, an adult human being inhales an average of 10,000 to 20,000 liters of air. This number makes us understand the impact of air pollution on everyone's health. To make this awareness tangible, NoDesign introduces an object claiming the inalienable right to breathe a pure air.

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