Sensor ecosystem and app for professional wheelchair tennis.
Arrow Electronics asked Nodesign to help them design a performance tool to measure Dani Caverzaschi's game and help him prepare for the competition as part of its Graduate programme under the guidance of Bertier Luyt.
Produit, Interface, Prototypage
Arrow Electronics
Paris, France

Sensors for performance.

The DataRally sensor ecosystem includes an inertial measurement system capable of calculating acceleration, speed and orientation, a GPS sensor, two torque sensors and two tyre pressure sensors. By analysing these different parameters, the athlete can determine his acceleration, speed, orientation, position on the course, balance and weight distribution on the chair. The monitoring and analysis of the data allows the athlete's performance to be improved.

The object/interface symmetry

The DataRally sensors are linked to an application that tracks Dani's wheelchair and body activity: - The data is analysed to optimise his approach to the ball, refine his forehand and backhand strokes and minimise body movement. - The results are displayed on a mobile or tablet dashboard for follow-up coaching on the court. - This data collection and analysis can be applied widely to help more athletes refine their games and achieve better results.
« It is generally believed that there is nothing worse than being in a wheelchair. Many wheelchair users end up believing this stereotype. So they don't fit in. They don't accept themselves. I want to normalise disability. Technology can help.»
– Dani Caverzaschi

Technology at the service of the greatest number of people

Technology can improve life by informing our choices, refining our movements, improving accessibility and creating opportunities. Dani refuses to let his physical disabilities define whohe is and where he goes. He wants useful technology. DataRally combines the latest sensors with its powerful cloud ecosystem platform to accelerate data-driven solutions. They make the best on-the-ground performance possible for Dani.

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