Communicating object
Wablog is a fuzzy, indirect and 'low-tech' communication device of the Internet-of-Things kind. It allows you to pilot your avatar in real-time, to communicate by quite precise gestures and signs, to indicate your presence or to perceive that of a nearby person, to play communication games or to leave 'traces' on one of your networks (Twitter, blog, Facebook, flickr, warcraft, second life, etc.). It also allows you to be notified of a connection or a comment about those. Connecting to the network by the wireless home computer implies a physical and mobile extension (plugin hardware). "Wablog" was designed using Arduino Open Source/Processing technology.

Wablog was presented at the International Design Biennial of Saint Etienne, on the Tomorrow is Today exhibition designed by Caire Fayolle.

Carte Blanche VIA 2008
Product, Interface

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