Parrot FreeFlight 3

Drones flying application
Platform application dedicated to the flying of Parrot Drones: Bebop, Jumping Sumo and Rolling Spider. The challenge was to design a modular and dynamic flying application for the 3 drones: Bebop, Jumping Sumo, and Rolling Spider. The control screen is as much a control interface as a camera, especially in the case of the Bebop Drone, a real flying camera. This allowed the Nodesign team to put their enthusiasm and skills into practice around aviation and filmmaking. New innovative and simple features have been designed to enhance the operation of BeBop: Director Mode, Flight Plan, RoadPlan. These features expand the flying and shooting experience. As Henri Seydoux reminds us: "software is at the center of everything". FreeFlight 3.0 is an application that is both complex and simple to use, the result of an agile approach, bias and convictions in permanent iteration with the Parrot teams.
Interface,  Service

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