Lampe Frechin

Playing with the contrast between materiality and immateriality, presence and absence, and revelation of light, this lamp offers a sensitive experience of optics between science and magic. By confronting timeless materials (marble, glass, aluminum), and a poetic approach to technology, it illuminates as much as it radiates spaces.

Published in 2021 by DCW Éditions, the lamp was born from the idea of making an object that fits into a kind of history and modernity, and above all of magic and poetry. Most of the objects that NoDesign creates are interfaces, they are things that you manipulate. To make an object that is an interface and a tool that we can manipulate means that we must be able to take it, grasp it and finally almost choose its design.
The name “Lampe Frechin” was given by Frédérique Winkler, creative director of DCW Éditions.

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DCW éditions

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