Connected musical lamp
Houat is a portable and interactive LED lamp made of an interchangeable RGB diffuser housed in a high-quality polished stainless-steel structure. 
Houat is based on an original technology that allows a living set of colourful and poetic lighting, including the option to vary the atmosphere according to music. Connect Houat to a music source and your house will shine with music. Thanks to a patented technology developed by Puzzle Lab, Houat will change its color and brightness according to the music frequency and intensity. All of this is done in stereo, so if you own two Houat lamp ( duo set ) you will get an even more unique and subtle experience.
Design is also about function: what an objet must do and what it must not. Nodesign decided that this lamp was not allowed to make cheap horrible "discotheque" colours and Puzzle-Lab worked hard to get the most out of their LED modules.
What sets Houat apart from all the other connected objets out there is the extremely simple connectivity out of the box. The lamp can be instantly connected to a smartphone, a tablet or a computer via wi-fi. No need to download an app, just open a web page and will discover a radically simple graphic web interface that allows you to select a mode between light, sound, color and do some fine tuning. This is made possible by WeIO ( www.we-io.net ). Besides being connected and being able to generate incredible high-quality colors, Houat is most of all a durable and efficient lamp. Every module consists of a RGB LED light sources of 10 Watts. It also 100% made in France, with 90% of the manufacturing taking place in Brittany, in western France.
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