About us

“Design is the gap between technology and people “

Design with vision

Nodesign is a multi-award-winning design, innovation and technological creation agency, founded in 2001.
The agency is a recognized pioneer of digital design, particularly around connected objects, and “beautiful interfaces”. NoDesign also designs products, services, innovative urban and cultural spaces and research projects with companies, startups, local authorities, as well as museums and laboratories, and has been doing so for over 15 years.
Our way of thinking and acting is the “project” and the “prototype”. We also give advice on innovation strategies through design.

For these projects, we have an interdisciplinary approach and a multicultural vision (artistic, scientific and economic) which we represent and embody concretely in products, services, models and functional prototypes. We also have a culture of control and monitoring of complex multi-partner projects. We love working with and helping startups, for which we offer a unique and comprehensive approach.

Our range of expression is also based on an ability to understand today’s issues, to “synthesize” and create intelligent, reflective and caring contributory situations, “for and with” organizations, society and people. This enables us to understand the processes of innovation through design and the complex issues in a sensitive, creative, contemporary and holistic way. Work which is underpinned by a quest for meaning, value, simplicity and emotion.

Jean Louis Frechin is a professor, international speaker and has taken part in numerous exhibitions and official pubblications.
Uros Petrevski is a physical computing professor and is one of the creator of the IOT platform  « WeIO »


The Nodesign team is one with broad and deep expertise. Chiacchio Angelo, Laurent Francois, Uros Petrevski, Janique Favrel, Jean-Louis Frechin.


NoDesignLab is the work of creation and research of the agency around New Objects, the Internet of Things and emerging topics. The concept is to explore the potential opened by design in its practical and strategic dimensions. The results, approaches and expertise from this work are applied to ourclients and partners projects.

Key dates

2001 Ceation of NoDesign
2002 Strategic colaboration with Renault
2004 J’ai dans la tête “site telerama”
2005 Exhinition DDay Beaubourg Objets connectés
2006 IOT projects for Orange
2008 Carte Blanche VIA
2010 Curators of the exhibition “Objet(s) du numérique, design d’un nouveau monde industriel”
2011 Invited to “Talk to Me” exhibition at MoMA New York
2012 Commissioner Futur en Seine
2013 WeIO
2014 Best ofInnovation CES Parrot RnB6

“Innovative design is an actor of change rather than an agent of its support.”